Planning Application 17F/1805

As a result of the re-issuing of the notices, the City Council has extended the deadline for comments to 28 August 2017. The Planning Department has sent consultation letters by post to over 250 households living nearby. In addition, at the specific request of the Gateacre Society, consultation letters are being hand-delivered to all occupied houses within the already-built portions of the development site.

The increase in the total number of dwellings does not involve any changes to the road layout within the new estate. It is largely the result of semi-detached pairs of houses being proposed in place of detached dwellings, and many of the plot sizes being reduced. Here is a summary of what is now proposed (comparing the previously-approved Layout P with the new Layout Q):

Cuckoo Lane (opposite the existing houses 20-36, between Dunnock Close and Fieldfare Close)
7 detached and 4 semi-detached
instead of 6 detached houses

Grange Lane (opposite the existing houses 25-49)
13 detached and 10 semi-detached
instead of 14 detached and 6 semi-detached houses

Mountfield Crescent (part of east side, backing on to the new houses in Grange Lane)
23 detached and 6 semi-detached
instead of 20 detached houses

Land between Cuckoo Lane and Mountfield Crescent (behind the new houses opposite 20-36 Cuckoo Lane)
29 detached and 14 semi-detached
instead of 29 detached houses

TOTAL 72 detached and 34 semi-detached
instead of 69 detached and 6 semi-detached houses

The extracts from the two layout plans (revisions P and Q), reproduced below, give some examples of the proposed changes.

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Above left:  Planning Layout (Revision P) which already has planning permission.
Above right: Planning Layout (Revision Q) which is the subject of application 17F/1805.

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