Planning Application 17F/1805


Since the redevelopment of the former Gateacre Comprehensive School site began in February 2016, a number of planning applications have been submitted (and approved by Liverpool City Council) for minor changes to house types etc. These are as follows:

16F/0883 Approved 16 Nov 2016
To vary condition 2 attached to 15F/0516 (To erect 200 dwellings with associated landscaping, roads and new accesses to Grange Lane and Cuckoo Lane) so as to vary 60 house types, undertake minor changes to siting of dwellings and increase garage depths to plots

16NM/2784 Approved 23 Nov 2016
Application for non-material amendment to 15F/0516.

17NM/0943 Approved 21 Apr 2017
Application for non material amendment to 15F/0516. Substitution of housetypes on Plots 98 & 99 from Hatherton to Rufford

17NM/1404 Approved 26 Jun 2017
Application for non-material amendment to 16F/0883. So as to vary house types.

17F/1409 Approved 14 Jul 2017
To erect 6 dwelling houses (to replace 5 approved under 16F/0883).

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