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In November 2014 it was announced that Countryside Properties are proposing to build 202 houses on the site of the former Gateacre Community Comprehensive School, between Cuckoo Lane and Grange Lane in Liverpool L25. Local residents were invited to email Turley (the prospective developers' planning consultants) with their comments.

With the permission of the residents concerned, we have reproduced here some of the comments which have been made. If you would like your own comments to be published, please let us know

1. From a resident of Redwing Lane

To whom it may concern:

For the below listed reasons, I hereby vigorously object to the current (Countryside Properties) proposal to build 200+ dwellings on the whole of the former Gateacre Comprehensive school site.

1. Moving Road Traffic impact on Redwing Lane and Cuckoo Lane.

The 2011 Government census identifies average car ownership per 10 households as 12 (1.2 cars per household). Given that 202 households are proposed, then the immediate area will at best be subjected to an increase of (average 1.2 x 202)  243 vehicles. In all likelihood the properties being proposed will attract an higher than average car ownership figure. The DOT National Transport Survey shows that 50% of households in the higher earnings bracket own 2+ vehicles, then simple extrapolation results in a figure nearer to 300 additional vehicles being based in the immediate area.

The 2014 DOT NTS survey shows that those households with  2 or more cars make, on average, 1003 trips p.a. and those Households with 1 car make, on average 939 trips p.a. Given that  the dwellings price range and bedroom numbers equates to "higher earnings bracket", it's fair to say that (rounded for ease) we can expect 300 x 1000 = 300,000 trips per annum originating/terminating! Note: these calculations do not include additional vehicular traffic generated by services, friends & families.

If 2/3 of the dwellings' vehicles access Cuckoo Lane  (via 5 roads) and Gateacre Park Drive (via 1 road), then at least 200,000 extra trips per year will overwhelm their traffic handling capacities. Redwing Lane, a residential thoroughfare, linking Cuckoo Lane to Gateacre Park Drive, which is already a "Rat-run" during the peak periods, will be devastated by traffic seeking access to Gateacre Park Drive, Woolton Rd and Blackwood Avenue (key routes across the city and to the city centre). This apocalyptic scenario will be exacerbated by traffic queuing for the traffic lights, causing major congestion and the the blockage of Redwing Lane plus the associated noise, pollution, inconvenience and increased accident rates.

2.  Increased Road Casualties

The 2014 DOS NTS survey section Reported road casualties in Great Britain, provisional estimates: April to June 2014 shows that "motor traffic levels rose by 1.7% compared with the 12 month period ending June 2013. The overall casualty rate per vehicle mile increased by 2% for the same period." Clearly the increase in  the traffic funnelling into Redwing Lane (and Cuckoo Lane and Gateacre Park Drive) will be greatly in excess of a 1.7% increase, probably in the region of 1000%. The extrapolated,accident rate is terrifying and given that Redwing Lane is one of the steepest hills in Liverpool, the spectre of this unprecedented traffic increase, particularly in winter is even more terrifying.

3. Increase obstruction generated by parked vehicles in Redwing Lane and Cuckoo Lane

Given that the DOT NTS survey shows that  "higher earnings bracket" dwellings possess 2 or more vehicles and given the propensity for home owners NOT to garage their vehicles, it is certain that new residents will practice off-property parking, resulting in Cuckoo Lane, Redwing Lane and other roads off Cuckoo Lane becoming the chosen location for one or more of their "greater than 2 vehicles per household".  There is little doubt that the increased capacity  and congestion envisaged, will be massively exaggerated by the increase in parked vehicles. Ingress and egress to local roads and residences will be severely compromised.

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