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A 'drop in' Public Consultation event was held from 5 pm till 8 pm on WEDNESDAY 19th NOVEMBER 2014, at Woolton High School, Woolton Hill Road, Liverpool L25 6JA. It was attended by staff from both Countryside Properties (the prospective developers) and Turley (their planning consultants).

Turley have told us that they sent out about 1,000 leaflets, within an area agreed by Liverpool City Council's Planning Department and Ward Councillors, and that just over 100 people attended the event over the three hours. Turley are currently preparing a questions-and-answers section for the Statement of Community Engagement. This will be submitted with the planning application, and will include a response to the questions asked during the consultation.

Meanwhile, for the information of local residents, we are publishing below a list of the questions we asked (or heard being asked) and the answers which we were given (or overheard being given to others).

Q1. What does 'remediation' entail and how much is involved?

A1. The upper part was a landfill site. There is some gas present but not a huge amount. Some of the infill will have to be removed, the rest will be spread over the site in order to even out the gradient downwards from Cuckoo Lane towards Grange Lane.

Q2. Has anyone found what structure is buried below the ground, under the landfill?

A2. No. Is there one?

Q3. How much will the existing ground levels change?

A3. Very substantially. The row of new houses along Grange Lane will be built on a strip of land excavated so as to be on the same level as the road surface (to avoid undue overlooking/overshadowing of the existing houses opposite). Behind them will be a new retaining wall, its height increasing as it approaches the Meadow Oak Drive boundary. Above the retaining wall, the site will slope up towards Cuckoo Lane.

Q4. How steep will the driveways be on the west side of Grange Lane? Will the 'raised pavement' at the north end remain as it is at present?

A4. The driveways will be fairly level as the ground inside the school boundary fence will be excavated to accommodate the houses and garages. [By implication the pavement will be lowered as well].

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