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Q5. How will Grange Lane cope with 52 new driveways when parking is only possible on one side of the road (i.e. the east side)?

A5. Each house will have a long and fairly wide driveway capable of accommodating more than one car. The garages will be situated towards the rear of the houses, not in line with the fronts.

Q6. How will people living on the new estate walk to the shops (including Belle Vale District Centre) - something which is explicitly mentioned in the leaflet - when there is no access onto Grange Lane for either pedestrians or vehicles except at the north end?

A6. They'll have to walk up to Cuckoo Lane and then down Oakfield Avenue. The height of the new retaining wall will be too great to allow even a pedestrian footpath to be included (it would involve a long and steep flight of steps) and a separate footpath along the Meadow Oak Drive boundary fence would be unsatisfactory owing to the risk of crime/antisocial behaviour.

Q7. Why is the Grange Lane access road so close to Gateacre Park Drive?

A7. This is the only point at which the gradient would be acceptable to the City Council for adoption as a public highway. An earlier draft of the scheme had the access further south, but this didn't prove to be practicable so the plan had to be amended.  The Council don't like new crossroads to be created, which is why it can't be opposite Grangemeadow Road.

Q8. Isn't there a risk of traffic tailing back from Gateacre Park Drive and blocking the end of the access road? Or encouraging its use as a rat-run from Grange Lane towards Woolton Road? Couldn't a mini roundabout (or even traffic lights) be installed at the Gateacre Park Drive junction?

A8. It's up to the City Council to assess these risks.

Q9. What will happen to the attractive grassy bank alongside the north end of Grange Lane?

A9. It will go.

Q10. Is either Grange Lane or Cuckoo Lane going to be widened?

A10. No

Q11. Will double yellow lines be put on either Grange Lane or Cuckoo Lane?

A11. No, I don't think so. It'll be up to the City Council to deal with any parking/obstruction issues.

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