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Q19. What would Countryside's reaction be if the Council's Planning Department insisted on an open space being incorporated?

A19. The scheme as currently designed would not then be viable. Countryside would not be willing to pay as much for the land.

Q20. If the Council insisted on an open space being provided, where do you think the best location would be?

A20. Somewhere with road access and overlooked by houses. [But the scheme architect insisted that he did not consider an open space to be either necessary or desirable].

Q21. How can the scheme be justified given the site's designation as Green Space in the Liverpool UDP (Unitary Development Plan)?

A21. It's not got a recreational function (being fenced off and potentially contaminated). The five proposed access roads from Cuckoo Lane will open up the site and give people views across to the Pennines. (A benefit of the new retaining wall will be that these views will not be obstructed by the new houses on Grange Lane).

Q22. What similar schemes have Countryside been involved in locally?

A22. The best example to look at is Norris Green Village, which has a very high standard of landscaping,  similar to that proposed in Gateacre. (Compare it with the part of Norris Green Village which has been built by a different company). Countryside are proud of their developments and have won several design awards. They have developed another, smaller, housing estate at St Aidan's Place, Cronton.

Q23. When will the planning application be submitted?

A23. In 1-3 months time [depending on who you ask]. It will be a full planning application, not an outline application.

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