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CHRONOLOGY 2007-2015

1. An Outline Planning Application was submitted in 2007 (ref. 07O/0891) but no decision on it was ever made. It was not Approved, it was not Refused, and it was not (officially) Withdrawn. The application - reported briefly on our Newsletter in April 2007 - was for 114 dwellings (some of them apartments rather than houses) on the footprint of the school. The original proposal had been for 138 dwellings (again, only on the footprint of the school) but this was reduced as a result of a public consultation exercise similar to the one currently taking place. The intention at that time was that the grassed area behind the school buildings was to be retained as "a secure playing field managed by Liverpool City Council".

2. In April 2011 we were told about an advert on the 'Liverpool Embassy in London' website, headed 'Residential Development Opportunity - Gateacre Comprehensive School, Cuckoo Lane, Liverpool L25' which described the site as "occupying a prominent position with views over the Cheshire Plains" (sic). We complained about this, as it implied that the playing field was to be built on. However we were told that the site was not, in fact, being 'formally marketed' as yet.

3. In September 2011 the school moved to Belle Vale - as reported briefly in our October 2011

4. In March 2012 a Press Release from Sigma Inpartnership Ltd - partners with Liverpool City Council in a joint venture called 'Regeneration Liverpool' - stated that the former site of Gateacre Comprehensive School "will be developed to accommodate around 200 new family homes". We reported this in May 2012
and asked the Council where this figure had come from. As mentioned in our July 2012 Newsletter, we were assured by Council officers that the '200 houses' target for the site was not hard and fast, and that 'Section 77 Consent' would be needed before any of the former playing fields could be disposed of.

5. In March 2014
we were told that site investigations had concluded that, "subject to remediation", the whole site (including the higher playing field which had been created using landfill in the late 1940s/early 1950s) was capable of being developed, but that there would be full consultation before any redevelopment plans were finalised. When we asked about the Section 77 Consent, we were told that "this has been in place since January 2013". (S77 Consent is given by the DfE who had apparently agreed that the school had made adequate replacement provision for the playing fields on its new site).

6. In November 2014 we heard that Countryside Properties
were proposing to build 202 houses on the site, and that a Public Consultation exercise was underway. This was being coordinated by Turley who are a firm of planning consultants. Countryside Properties are one of the partners in Regeneration Liverpool , which is a joint venture partnership set up by Liverpool City Council in 2007. The 19 November consultation event was advertised on the Regeneration Liverpool website  - which stated that "The consultation event will give the public an opportunity to view options, ask the team any questions and provide feedback".

7. In March 2015 it was announced that Countryside Properties had submitted a planning application (ref. 15F/0516) to build 200 houses. Local residents and other interested parties were invited to send comments to the City Council's Planning Department by 16th April 2015.

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