Gateacre Society Walk Notes 1977-1988
Woolton Park,
2 May 1987 (continued)

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HOLME LEIGH (continued):

Owners and Occupiers:

In July 1872 John Hindle, the attorney from Longworth, by now 69 and a widower bought this house presumably from the Walton Park Co., and moved in with his widowed daughter Mary A. Baker and her 5 children. Her husband Samuel Baker had died in 1870 leaving less than £4,000, and we surmise that Mr Hindle's purchase of a substantial house was to secure the future of his daughter and her family. The earliest surviving Rates Book of the L.W.L.B. gives the extent as just under 1¼ acres, R.V. £248. Hindle died 28.4.1879 and his daughter's address when she proved his will was Torquay, Devon. Ralph Hindle Baker (c.1860-1922), one of Mr Hindle's grandsons was educated at The Royal Institution, became a railway agent and lived at 'Elm Cottage', Gateacre. He was named an Executor in the will of James Cross, q.v.

In 1860 Samuel Sanday moved in from Beech Farm, Allerton, renting the house from Hindle's exors. R.V. now £230. From the 1881 census we see that Mr Sanday was a grain merchant aged 34, born at Holmepierrpoint, Notts., married to Annie Gertrude 29 born in Wavertree. They had two sons George 2 and Arthur 9 months and 6 servants. The 1883 Rates Book mentions telephones for the first time (4) and Mr Sanday's had a R.V. of £1. In 1893 the family moved to Knolle Park and Mr Sanday became President of the Corn Trade Association. Orchard says they were "socially among the Wellington Rooms people".

Herbert A. Graves became the tenant in 1894, moving from Summer Hill - and had problems with his neighbours over his sewage - the R.V. was now £195. From 1896-1906 Henry Sutton Timmis Esq., J.P. lived here. He was a partner in the firm of Gossage & Son, soap makers of Widnes. In 1907 the Rev. Richard Benson Stewart and his wife Fanny became tenants, R.V. £191 15s 0d. Mr. Stewart had been vicar of Hale for 50 years, he died at Holme Leigh in March 1909 aged 80 and was buried at Hale. His daughter, Miss Gertrude Stewart was still living here in 1913. After this the house appears to have been empty for some years - ? used for Government purposes during the war. The Sisters of the Convent of Notre Dame were here in 1922, Lt. Col. Edward Valentine Hemelryk D.S.O., R.F.A (1895-1941) cotton broker in 1925 and in 1936 the occupier was Frederick Harrison.

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