Gateacre Society Walk Notes 1977-1988
Beaconsfield Road,
3 May 1986 (continued)

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BEACONSFIELD built 1833, demolished 1933

Architectural description -
A large 'house in the country', the 'centre of an estate, built as a 2-storey H shaped block facing East and West with an additional 3-storey wing (or 2 Wings?) to the North, and to the West a 1-storey entrance block. The house was built in stone, to courses as the Coachman's House and the Lodge but with a rougher surface, and the gables carried big finials. From map evidence the stone(!) framed conservatory was built in the late 1840s, and it may be that another room was added North of the porch about the same time. It seems that a 3-storey 'prospect tower' with balustrade was built/added at the N.W. corner, and, from the evidence of the photographs, this was done some time in the 1860s? The basic fenestration was tall mullioned windows, with 2-storey canted bays to the South gable and principal East gable and single storey bays to lesser gables. (This description from 3 photographs - more information is sought. We offer
a reconstructed roof plan).

Style - Built in the pre-Pugin phase of the Gothic Revival and here too we have the leitmotifs: the finials, the dripstones over windows and over the front door with its Tudor arch with ogee; and there is more ornament here than on the lodges - in the quatrefoils which adorn the bays and the balustrade of the entrance block.

The Conservatory, built post 1845/8, linked up with one of the living rooms, was popular and prominent in late Georgian times with the Picturesque idea of the interpenetration of house and garden; this one was pre-Paxton in style and the door had a Tudor arch.

The tower, possibly for water but also a status symbol in the fashion, and a 'prospect tower' for the enjoyment of landscape and the view towards Liverpool.

continued . . .


The Notes were transcribed in 2011 from the original (1986) mimeographed typescript.
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the Gateacre Society of any errors and omissions which may be found, so that
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