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Email EMH2:

> From: M Chitty - Gateacre Soc
> Sent: 18 November 2013 12:52
> To: Hopkins, Matthew
> Subject: Fw: Gateacre Park Drive traffic calming
> Dear Mr Hopkins,
> I emailed you on 26th October asking various questions about the Gateacre
> Park Drive traffic calming plans. As yet, I have not received a reply.
> However, a local resident has given me a copy of your letter dated 29th
> October in which you invite people to contact you for further information.
> Apart from the questions posed in my original email (see below) I have
> some additional questions arising from your letter:
> 1. Speed data. You say that "12 vehicles were recorded travelling at over
> 70mph". What percentage of the total traffic does this figure represent?
> At what times of day were these people driving at over 70mph, and in which
> direction?
> 2. Zebra crossing. Why cannot this be replaced by a Pelican/Puffin
> crossing?
> 3. Damage and discomfort. You say that "motorists who adhere to the speed
> limit will not damage their vehicles". Could you please confirm that you
> are talking about the existing 30mph limit? What is your response to the point
> about "discomfort to the elderly"?
> 4. Speed limit. Is there not a proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit
> in conjunction with the new speed cushions? If so, why was this not mentioned
> in your letter?
> 5. Funding. You say that Aldi "had to agree" to fund a traffic calming
> scheme in the area. You imply that the scheme has to be based on
> anticipated future problems, and cannot be modified in the light of actual experience
> following the opening of the new shopping centre. Why is this? Could not
> Aldi be persuaded to hold a sum of money 'in reserve' as a goodwill
> gesture to local residents?
> 6. Alternatives. You ask "Are there not beter ways of traffic calming?"
> but you do not mention any alternatives. Could you not consider a combination
> of mini roundabouts and pedestrian refuges, similar to those installed in
> Rose Brow nearby?
> 7. Buses. You say that the chosen measures "are suitable for use on bus
> routes". I have contacted HTL Buses - the operator of the 174 route along
> Gateacre Park Drive - and they are not at all happy with speed cushions.
> Can you confirm that you will be asking HTL Buses for their views on the
> current proposal?
> Yours sincerely,
> Mike Chitty

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