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From: M Chitty - Gateacre Soc
Sent: 18 September 2013 10:25
To: Stephen Walker, LCC Highways Dept
Subject: Gateacre Park Drive traffic calming proposals

Dear Mr Walker,

The Gateacre Society was consulted by Liverpool City Council's Planning
Department on Aldi's application ref. 13F/1272 (Gateacre Park Shopping
Centre). In our response (see copy attached) we objected to the proposed bus
layby on Gateacre Park Drive, on the grounds that it would inconvenience
pedestrians by making the steps down to the car park unnecessarily steep. We
also argued that the money earmarked for the layby would be better spent on
improving the facilities for pedestrians wishing to cross from the other
side of Gateacre Park Drive. We suggested a series of pedestrian refuges,
and the conversion of the existing zebra to a pelican crossing. We
specifically said "NOT speed bumps", as we feel that (a) speed cushions are
of no direct benefit to people crossing the road, and (b) the installation
of speed cushions will simply encourage motorists to use less suitable roads
such as Grange Lane, Gateacre Brow and Belle Vale Road in preference to
Gateacre Park Drive.

When the Agenda for the LCC Planning Committee (27 August 2013) was
published, we were surprised to find that it included a proposed condition
(Condition 9) specifying that the "off-site highway works" (a programme for
the completion of which is required to be submitted and approved by the
Council before the building of the shops begins) include "implementation of
traffic calming measures in the form of speed table/cushions to extend from
Gateacre Park Drive to the junction of Woolton Road and to the south west of
the development including the residential areas within:
Rockbourne Avenue
Quickswood Drive
Woolton Road leading to Quickswood Drive and Rockbourne Avenue."

There had been no mention of such measures in Aldi's planning application
documents, and our objection to them was not mentioned in the Case Officer's
Report. I therefore sent a further email (see copy attached) to ensure that
the Planning Committee was aware of our views. The Society's Chairman also
spoke at the meeting to reinforce this. Nevertheless, planning permission
was granted subject to a number of conditions including the one referred to

I am trying to discover the logic behind these traffic calming proposals. Am
I right in thinking that you are the best person to give me this
information? (If not, perhaps you could forward this email to the
appropriate person and tell me their name). Could you please explain why
speed cushions were decided upon - rather than, for example, a combination
of pedestrian refuges and mini roundabouts as installed in Rose Brow nearby?
Could you please explain exactly why a bus layby is thought to be beneficial
in this location? Could you please tell me what consultations have taken
place with local residents, and what the response has been? Could you please
ensure that, if any further consultation takes place, the Gateacre Society
is included in your list of consultees? And finally, could you please tell
me what monitoring of the effects of the existing traffic calming measures
in Gateacre Park Drive has taken place, and what the findings have been?

Yours sincerely,

Mike Chitty
(Newsletter Editor & Environment Secretary)

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