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Email ESW2:

From: "Walker, Stephen"
To: "'M Chitty - Gateacre Soc'"
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:24 AM
Subject: RE: Gateacre Park Drive traffic calming proposals

Dear Mr Chitty,

Thank you for your email.

In reply to your queries I would provide the following;
Traffic calming was proposed as part of requested section 278 highway works
which are funded by the developer. It is intended to reduce the current
speed limit on Gateacre Park Drive from 30mph to 20mph.
The reduced speed limit will make for a better environment for pedestrians
and cyclists accessing the new store. It was also considered appropriate for
these measures on Gateacre Park Drive as the existing Zebra crossing was to
be retained also.

The use of mini roundabouts was not considered appropriate in this instance
due to highway constraints (land available) and the locations of existing

Speed cushions are usually used when the route is on a Bus route or on an
emergency route.

It is noted that there is an existing pedestrian refuge at Grange Lane. This
will be retained under the proposals and upgraded to current highway
adoption standards with dropped kerbs and tactile paving to improve

The Bus lay-by is something that the developer detailed in their proposals
and this has been agreed with Merseytravel officers. It provides a direct
link to the development for Bus passengers. It needs to be located here due
to the location of the existing Zebra crossing, the access roads into the
development and the location of existing junctions.

I have arranged for your concerns regarding the steps leading to the
development to be forwarded on to Aldi's consultant to see if it is possible
for some amendments to be made to the design. These steps are outside of the
highway boundary and LCC control; it is therefore for Aldi to make any
changes to the steps.

Continued . . .

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